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Product information on meovis Digital Signage software.

Control your displays (LCD / plasma) easily and intuitively using meovis Digital Signage software. Central storage of media also simplifies the administration of displays that are geographically separated and complex infrastructures. The flexibility of the meovis software means that as many displays as required can be added to the base system at any time.
The software is administered using a browser, making it easy to operate via the Internet, without installing additional software.

meovis functions :

  • Web-based administration interface
    (can be operated via a browser)
  • Different administrator accesses
    (with different rights)
  • Administration of multiple campaigns
    (for as many displays as required)
  • Transmission to local displays or to displays connected via a network
  • Separation of the screen into display areas
    (precise pixel separation for screen segmenting as required)
  • Any number of playlists / playback groups per campaign
    (presentations / media per display area)
  • Time-based control of playlists
  • Integration of meconta Digital Signage Services
  • Time-based switching on and off of Client Player PC
  • API interface for communication between third-party software and meovis
  • RS-232 control of as many displays with RS-232 support as required

Application examples:

  • Digital advertising
  • Hotel TV
  • Visitor greeting
  • Trade
  • Display solutions for sales areas
  • Display solutions for exhibition stands, exhibition signage and transport areas
  • Display solutions for conference rooms and training areas
  • Display solutions for marketing purposes / advertising
  • Video walls for control rooms
  • Out-of-home digital signage solutions for external areas
  • Display solution for window displays for "digital shop windows"
  • Digital marketing plus information display can be used for visitor greeting or as an advertising display as a standalone or multi-display variant
  • Display solution for shop fixtures
  • Display solutions for waiting rooms
  • Advertising board
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Digital Signage

Sample segmenting of a screen

Screen segmentation can be performed on a precise pixel level, clearing the way for presentations with flexible structures.

Installation options of meovis

meovis can be used as a standalone licence (with existing hardware) or as a complete package including hardware and requisite accessories together with bentob it media.

Standalone variant (Digital Signage)

Server and Client Player installed on a single PC.
Different campaigns can be administered using administrator accesses.
Access to the administration interface is also possible via the Internet.

Examples for meovis Digital Signage standalone variant:

Multi-display variant (Digital Signage)

Control of multiple displays (e.g. distributed in branches or buildings) is also possible.
Administration is via a central control server, which can also be accessed via the Internet, where required.

Examples for a multi-display variant: