Exhibition display solutions

Exhibition display

Display solutions for exhibitions

Design your exhibition stand in a digital manner.

Be it an individual display or a video wall consisting of several individual displays (manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung NEC). A digital display livens up the exhibition stand and sets your stand apart from the others.

Steles with integrated display

An additional option for greeting your exhibition visitors or providing them information digitally is to use steles with an integrated display.
For example, show 3D animations of your products on the displays, and enable your exhibition visitors to establish interactive contact with your product.
Depending on requirements, steles with vertically or horizontally mounted displays can be used.
The steles are approx. 1.90 m high and are between 0.5 and 1 m wide, depending on requirements. A multimedia PC and a display with a screen diagonal between 48.3 cm (19") and 132.1 cm (42") (depending on implementation) is integrated.

Exhibition containers with integrated display solution

Mobile exhibition stands are extremely flexible and quick to implement. The compact construction means that the entire exhibition stand is housed in one exhibition container.
Depending on the size of the exhibition required, the container can be transported to the exhibition by trailer or lorry without any problems at all.