Digital door signs

digital door signs

Digital door signs for conference rooms

Display your appointments on digital door signs of your conference rooms dynamically, and on the basis of time.

Different designs of door signs enable surface mounting or flush mounting.

Digital door sign with integrated PC

Door signs are available with a screen diagonal of 26.4 cm ( 10.4" ), 30.5 cm ( 12.1" ), 43.2 cm ( 17" ) and 48.3 cm ( 19" )  (manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung Philips, special sizes on request).
The integrated PC plays media files such as PowerPoint, websites, slide shows or video sequences, and runs text that is controlled on a time basis using meovis software.

Digital door signs without Client Player PC - passive displays

(passive door sign display solution / NetCard-Displays manufacturer Distec )

The new generation of digital door signs are available as passive NetCard displays in the following sizes: 10.9 cm ( 4.3" ) NEW, 26.4 cm ( 10.4" ), 30.5 cm ( 12.1" ), 38.1 cm ( 15" ) and 48.3 cm ( 19" ). The displays do not contain a Client Player PC, but rather make use of a special actuation card ( NetCard ), via which information can be sent over a LAN / WLAN for display on the signs.

Benefits of the NetCard / Artista passive display :
  • Extremely low power consumption (Green IT)
  • No safety certificate required
  • No firewall required
  • Extremely low costs for IT administration
  • Passive display solution (no Client Player PC)
  • No operating system (on client side) required
  • Manufacturer Distec

Battery-operated radio door sign - without cabling

Battery-operated radio door signs do not require cabling. Monochrome displays are automatically supplied with booking information using the meovis Room Management software.

Technical data:
  • 14,5 cm ( 5.7" ) VGA monochrome display
  • 24,6 cm ( 9,7" ) VGA monochrome display
  • Legible in sunlight
  • Robust housing
  • Easy installation
  • Battery-operated
  • No cabling necessary
  • Controlled via a dispatcher
  • Existing infrastructure can be used
  • Manufacturer various

Varying requirements

Depending on the characteristics of the walls (hollow walls or solid walls), displays can be integrated into the walls, so that only a small aluminium plate is visible.
In the case of solid walls (concrete, brick), an option for surface mounting the display is also available.

Control of the display using meovis Room Management Software

Digital door signs can be extremely easily controlled using the web-based meovis Room Management software . Book rooms, and administer catering and equipment at various locations and buildings.
Connection to Microsoft® Exchange Server, Lotus Domino Server and several other interfaces are possible.

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