Digital porter / digital receptionist

Digital porter / digital receptionist

Digital porter / digital receptionist - Display Solutions for your entrance

Upgrade the reception area of your company with the digital porter or the digital receptionist.

Depending on the room size and the visitors' viewing distance, virtual steles (information pillars / information terminals) are available with displays of screen diagonals from 48.3 cm (19"), 81.82 cm (32"), 106.7 cm (42") and 132.1 cm (52") in a horizontal variant (landscape), and in sizes of 81.82 cm (32"), 106.7 cm (42") and 119.4 cm (47")  in a vertical design (portrait). The design varies according to the display size (similar to illustrations).

The digital terminals (info steles manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung NEC) can either be used with or without an interaction option and a range of accessories for the various applications.

The terminals can be operated using a keyboard, voucher printer and chip card reader, for instance.

Indoor steles / information pillars

We offer "indoor steles" for entrance areas within buildings.

Outdoor steles

Depending on the location, we also offer outdoor solutions for operating the steles / terminals in an outdoor area.