Browser based Digital Signage Software meovis to control your displays

Digital Signage Software meovis

Digital Signage Software (digital signage)

meovis V4 Digital Signage software is a web-based software package that can be operated via a browser and that enables media information to be supplied to multimedia displays (LCD or plasma) via a network.

The Digital Signage Software meovis allows the terminal / display or video wall to be divided into different display areas (screen segments). Within these screen segments, PowerPointŪ presentations, slide shows, video films / video sequences, websites, Flash films or news tickers as well as a TV signal or a welcome board for greeting visitors can be displayed.

Digital Signage
Easy administration of news, information, entertainment media, advertising and other media using meovis Digital Signage software.

Runs on Windows operating systems: Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 Pro
Digital Signage Software
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