Digital signage complete solutions

complete display solution

Digital signage complete Solutions - Hardware and Software from one source

Single display systems consist of a display and a control PC that is either integrated into the display housing ( all-in-one solution ) or is installed as an external computer. In this case the meovis Digital Signage software (administration platform and Client Player) co-exist on a single PC.

This compact solution is particularly suitable for:

  • Advertising displays in shop windows
  • Advertising displays in public facilities
  • Door signs in company offices
  • Visitor greeting
  • Information display in hotels, airports, railway stations, waiting rooms etc.
  • Waiting room information display
  • Guidance system / direction system
  • Multimedia display for reception area
single display solution lcd

Integrated multimedia PC (all-in-one)

The display with integrated multimedia PC (also without fan) is a space-saving and cost-effective single display (manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung NEC) solution that meets the highest demands.

Display sizes with a screen diagonal from 10,9 cm ( 4.3" ) to 208,3 cm ( 82" ) (additional on application) or even larger using a beamer or video wall are possible.

The integrated multimedia PC is a current PC, depending on the media requirements, and is suitable for higher resolution video images as well.

Depending on the design, a display version with an integrated drawer compartment for the PC is also possible, so that the integrated multimedia PC can be accessed from the outside and yet is contained in the display housing.
single Display solution
Single display with integrated multimedia PC