Digital Signage Hardware

Multi-display solution

Digital Signage hardware

Hardware for your digital signage applications - large format displays, digital signage Displays.

For displays that are distributed across several locations, we offer meovis scalable digital signage software that can be adapted at any time.
Even when using displays of varying types, e.g. a combination for controlling door signs of conference rooms (including in multiple company buildings) and for controlling one or several visitor greeting systems, a single meovis administrator server is all that is required. Display manufacturer e.g. LG, Philips, Samsung or other (depends on user conditions).

Digital Signage Software

These multi-display solutions are particularly suitable for:

  • Video walls for exhibition stands
  • Door signs in company buildings
  • Visitor greeting in several buildings / floors
  • Information display in hotels, airports, railway stations, waiting rooms etc.
  • Digital guidance system / direction system
  • Multimedia displays for entrance area