battery-operated radio sign - without cabling

Digital door sign

Battery-operated radio sign - door signs without cabling

Battery-operated radio door signs (3.8", 4" or 6.3") are particularly suitable for mounting on glass panels or in buildings where cabling is not possible.

Battery-operated radio door sign

The battery-operated radio door sign does not require cabling at the installation location. As a result, the displays are particularly suitable for mounting on glass panels or walls where cabling is not possible. The monochrome displays (light gray / black) are automatically supplied with booking information via the meovis Room Management software or the RoomSign add-on module.

Technical data:

  • 16.0 cm (6,3") monochrome display
  • manufacturer e.g. LG
  • Legible in sunlight
  • Robust housing plastic (alternative metal)
  • Control via radio dispatcher
  • Easy installation
  • Battery-operated
  • No cabling necessary
  • Existing infrastructure can be used

Control of the display using meovis Room Management

Digital door signs can be extremely easily controlled using the web-based meovis Room Management software. Book rooms, and administer catering at various locations and buildings.
Connection to Microsoft® Exchange Server, Micro Fidelios Opera or Suite8, Lotus Domino Server and other third-party Software is possible.

Optional actuation via the RoomSign software add-on module

The RoomSign add-on module can be added to the digital signage Base system, and offers an option for sending a simple form text directly to a door sign/s. The design is completely customisable to the company's corporate image.
Additional information on the RoomSign module...