Visitor greeting display solution. Greet your visitors personally.

visitor greeting

Display solution for visitor greeting system

visitor greeting display solution - Greet your visitors personally by means of a digital display.

Show your visitors advertising or information. The time-based display of information enables automatic showing of appointments while addressing the visitor personally, for example.

Variants of visitor greeting

The compact construction of the display with integrated multimedia PC means that the only requirement is a network connection and a power connection near the display.

Different display variants can be used, depending on the room size and the visitors' viewing distance.

Displays with ceiling mounting

Rooms with suspended ceilings are perfect for a display using a ceiling mounting. In this case, the cables are laid across the ceiling, through the extension conduit of the ceiling mounting, to the display.

Displays with wall mounting

We offer special wall mountings for fitting displays on a wall. These wall mountings can be angled and turned.

Standard ceiling mountings for display sizes with a screen diagonal from 14.4 cm (5.7") to 202.3 cm (82")  (manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung NEC) are available.

Steles with integrated display

An additional option for greeting your visitors or providing them information is to use steles with an integrated display.

Depending on requirements, steles with vertically or horizontally mounted displays can be used.
The steles are approx. 1.90 m high and are between 0.5 and 1 m wide, depending on requirements. A multimedia PC and a display with a screen diagonal between 48.46 cm ( 19" ) and 202.3 cm ( 82" ) (depending on implementation) is integrated.