Room management software

Add-on module for room management

Browser-based room Management Software

The meovis Digital Signage Software base system provides an option for integration of the powerful Room Management add-on module.

The room booking system consequently makes a complete package including digital direction system of the meovis Digital Signage software.

The Room Management software makes it extremely easy to quickly administer and book rooms.


  • Extremely easy, intuitive operation
  • Location-independent access via a browser
  • Fully automatic display of room information and bookings on reception signs, floor signs as well as room signs
  • Layout completely customisable to corporate image / design
  • Administration of multiple networked buildings via a single system
  • Combined presentation of room information and advertisements possible, e.g. on foyer displays or floor displays
  • Interface to Microsoft® Exchange Server available as an option
  • Evaluation / reporting function for bookings with statistics

Sample structuring of building signage

Sample structuring of building signage

Administration of media via a single system.

Hardware / digital signage

Installation of futuristic hardware such as passive displays (without integrated PC):

  • Passive display (without Client Player PC)
  • Radio displays (without cabling)
  • Display of image information
  • Energy-saving / environmentally friendly / green-IT
  • No firewall required
  • No safety certificate required
  • Extremely low IT administrative costs
  • Connection via network
  • LCD screens / colour display

Radio display (battery-operated radio door sign)

Radio displays can be used for buildings / rooms where no cabling can be installed:

  • Battery-operated monochrome displays
  • Radio transmission
Additional information on radio door signs can be found on the product page.

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Sample layouts
Gebauedebeschilderung / Foyerschild
Building / foyer sign

Floor sign

Room sign / digital door sign
Funk Display 5,7