Display solutions for gastronomy

Restaurant / coffee shop / bar Display solution

Display solution for gastronomy

Digital display solutions are the ideal enhancement for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels.

The display (manufacturer e.g. LG, Samsung NE, Philips) can be used to inform patrons about current offers. The menu or daily specials can be quickly and easily updated using meovis software. The display can be used at events for showing live TV transmissions.

Display solutions for restaurants are available in different variants

The compact construction of the display with integrated multimedia PC (also available without fan) means that the only requirement is a network connection and a power connection near the display.

Different display sizes can be used, depending on the room size and the patrons' viewing distance.

Displays with wall or ceiling mounting

We offer special wall mountings for fitting displays on a wall. These wall mountings can be angled and turned.

Standard wall and ceiling mountings for display sizes from 38.1 cm (15") to 165.1 cm (65") are available.

Information terminals

Greet your hotel guests in the foyer / entrance area of your hotel or restaurant by way of a digital receptionist. Make information available to your guests.

This is extremely easy with our information terminal with integrated display and multimedia PC.

Depending on requirements, steles with vertically or horizontally mounted displays can be used.

The steles are approx. 1.90 m high and are between 0.5 and 1 m wide, depending on requirements. A multimedia PC and a display with different screen diagonals is integrated in the stele.