NetCard door sign display

NetCard door sign displays

NetCard displays - passive displays

NetCard displays contain a special actuation card for displaying static images on the screen.

NetCard digital door signs without Client Player PC (passive door sign display solution).
The new generation of digital door signs are available as meovis passive NetCard displays in the following sizes: 10.9 cm (4.3"), 26.4 cm (10.4"), 30.5 cm (12.1"), 38.1 cm (15") and 48.3 cm (19"). The displays do not contain a Client Player PC, but rather make use of a special actuation card (NetCard), via which information can be sent over a LAN / WLAN for display on the signs.

Benefits of the NetCard passive display:
  • No operating system required
  • Passive display solution (no Client Player PC)
  • No firewall required
  • No safety certificate required
  • Extremely low costs for IT administration
  • Extremely low power consumption (environmentally friendly)

4.3" NetCard display as flush-mounted door sign

The new 4.3" NetCard display is available as a flush-mounted door sign. This door sign measures no more than 145 x 104 mm and is equipped with an LED panel. Extremely low power consumption.

If the 4.3" door sign display is powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet), only a single network cable is required at the point of installation.

Control of the NetCard display using meovis Room Management software

Digital door signs can be extremely easily controlled using the web-based meovis Room Management software. Book rooms, add equipments and administer catering at various locations and buildings.
Connection to Microsoft® Exchange Server possible.

4,3" passive door sign

10,4" passive door sign

12,1" passive door sign

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